Targeting Hypertension with the Peregrine System™ Kit

Ablative Solutions is studying the Peregrine System Kit with the goal of helping reduce blood pressure for people with hypertension that is not well controlled. 


The Peregrine Procedure is performed using the Peregrine System Kit, which is designed to target nerves known to influence the body’s regulation of blood pressure.

The Peregrine System™ Infusion Catheter has 510(k) clearance for the infusion of diagnostic and therapeutic agents into the perivascular area of the peripheral vasculature.

The Peregrine System Kit is currently being studied to evaluate safety and efficacy when used in the treatment of subjects with uncontrolled hypertension in conjunction with antihypertensive medications. It is an investigational product not currently approved in the United States. Its use is limited to investigational use in clinical trials.

The TARGET BP I Clinical Trial program is currently investigating the Peregrine System Kit with the goal of helping reduce blood pressure.


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