Job: Therapy Development Manager (TDM) – UK & Netherlands

Ablative Solutions, Inc.

More than 1 billion people have hypertension (high blood pressure). More than half the people treated for hypertension and not able to do not achieve target (control) blood pressure of 130mmHG systolic over 80mmHg diastolic.

Ablative Solutions, Inc. (ASI) has developed propriety technology to treat uncontrolled hypertension

  • The Peregrine System™ Kit includes the Peregrine System™ Infusion Catheter (Peregrine Catheter) and Ablative Solutions Inc.’s Dehydrated Alcohol (ETOH).
  • The minimally invasive procedure is performed under mild/conscious sedation.
  • The Peregrine Catheter is advanced through a small incision in the groin and guided up to the renal arteries using angiography (X-ray with contrast). The system will deliver a small dose of dehydrated alcohol to the region just outside the artery (perivascular space), where the nerves are located, to interrupt the over-signaling of the sympathetic nervous system, that contributes to hypertension; this form of therapy is called alcohol-mediated renal denervation.

The company raised $77 million in capital in January of 2019 to develop the clinical program to obtain the CE Mark and FDA approval for the Peregrine System Kit. The company is currently conducting clinical studies in Europe and the United States to collect data in support of regulatory submissions intended to gain the above approvals and bring this therapy to market.

Position Summary:
The Therapy Development Manager is an expert in the use of ASI (Ablative Solutions, Inc.) therapies for various health related applications and serves as an important resource to the organization. The Therapy Development Manager will provide market development expertise, educational support and patient recruitment support to trial sites participating in ASI clinical research. The Therapy Development Manager is accountable for achieving company objectives related to patient enrollment with high quality.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Collaborates with the clinical team during site selection, qualification and initiation process to ensure selection of high quality and high enrolling centers for the clinical studies.
• Drives the implementation of strategies for patient enrollment during clinical phase, working with the clinical team to achieve or exceed patient enrollment objectives.
• Provides best practices to clinical investigators and research staff on patient enrollment activities in assigned institutions.
• Provides feedback during the development of patient recruitment materials working closely with the clinical marketing and clinical team.
• Represents ASI RDN (Renal Denervation) therapy for hypertension in front of leading cardiologists and hypertension specialists to ensure their understanding of the clinical therapy.
• Coordinates activities related to therapy education addressed to the medical community, including but not limited to physician-to-physician educational symposiums, physician-to-patient educational events, sponsored education symposium at major events.
• Maintains a thorough understanding of complex physiological and technical principles pertaining to RDN therapies, and updates educational and training materials to align with the ASI therapy development.
• Supports Clinical Research function to ensure high quality follow-up and completeness of data for the Company’s studies, when requested.
• Complies with the blinding requirements as described in the clinical programs, when applicable.

Education/Experience Requirements:
• BS/University degree in health sciences or engineering.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
• None

• 3+ years of experience in medical device/pharmaceutical industry or academic experience or clinical experience.
• Knowledge of market with clear understanding of competitive devices, strategies, advantages/disadvantages as they relate to the company’s products.
• Strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively manage relationships with key customer groups and ASI staff.
• Ability to master concepts of a medical & surgical nature and that of catheter-based medical device technology.

Physical Demands and Conditions Requirements:
• This is a full time, remote home-based position. This position will require interfacing with multiple internal departments and physician investigators / future customers.
• Must be able to lift up to 10 lbs.
• Ability to travel 50-75% plus.

Equipment Used:
• General office equipment.


Interested candidates should submit their resume and cover letter to: