Transcatheter Perivascular Denervation

Ablative Solutions is developing a unique catheter-based approach for the treatment of hypertension. Delivered percutaneously, the Peregrine System™ Infusion Catheter offers controlled delivery of a neurolytic agent directly into the perivascular space with enhanced depth and area of denervation.

Commited to robust science, the company is undertaking a post-market study in Europe to further substantiate the procedural, clinical, and health-economic benefits of the Peregrine Catheter for the treatment of hypertension.

The company’s global TARGET BP I multi-center trial will also be initiated in European and US centers to evaluate the Peregrine Catheter and dehydrated alcohol (referred to as the Peregrine System Kit) for the treatment of persistent hypertension despite pharmacologic treatment, in conjunction with antihypertensive medical therapy.

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